Utilizing More Ideas in Instagram

What’s up guys, Andrew Hines here doing a tutorial on how to get more followers on wordpress. so if you are blogging on wordpress or on a wordpress.org blog which means you hosted it yourself chances are you wanna get your stuff read and I know how that feels believe me I started out getting absolutely no one reading my stuff. And as of right now I probably have about 100 unanswered comments on my blog so what I want to share with you is how you can start doing that. um, okay, so this is my blog. I host mine myself and I will get into that a little more later but what I want to start out with is setting a clear intention. When you write a blog post you’ve got to have a clear intention. What is it that I want to accomplish with this? If you visit my blog at Andrew-hines.com you’ll see that my posts are different.

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