Student Jug’s Top Five Fresher Tips

1. Learn to use a washing machine as soon as possible unless you enjoy wearing the colour pink. Wash whites with white, lightes with lightes and darks with darks. Always bear in mind fabric content as well, don’t go washing silks with denim.


2. I know when your excited you pin up your year planner and then get rid of it when you start plastering your wall with postcards, leaflets and posters. However it might be a good idea to keep it up, getting the bus to uni to only find out there are no lectures is a bummer.


3. As petty as it may seem make sure you have your own cutlery and plates. Hide them if possible if you ever want to see them again.  p.s if you leave your George Foreman out you are indirectly telling your room mates they can use it. Might be a good idea to set rules. i.e, please clean it out if you use it.


4. If there is something wrong with your room or flat let your landlord know immediately as you do not need to put up with pre-existing problems. I would also recommend for you to report all issues as your landlord may bill you for those problems come the end of the year.


5. Being broke the first month of uni is not cool. It is not essential for you to go to every freshers event. Once you’ve been to two or three trust me you’ve been to them all. Save your ticket money and go out with your room mates it will be cheaper.