Setup of a Linksys Router

To setup a wireless router the individual needs to go through a definite procedure which seems to be somewhat scary to some people. This article is not for the definite guidelines for set up or configuring the routers but only can be followed as a help guide for setting up the Linksys routers.
  General setup procedure of any router is quite smooth and spontaneous. At the time of buying a router, a Linksys router setup CD is also provided. You have to just insert the disc and have to go on by following the instructions.
 Error 323 can be occurred if the cables are not connected properly. You can watch the video available in the CD to be connected to the internet. If it does not help much then please go through the instructions below: 
 Before starting – You have to connect the modem to the PC by using the Ethernet cable and have to be sure that you are getting the net connection. 

1. Connecting the cables – In this part, you have to connect the cables to the different ports correctly. One end of the Ethernet cable has to be connected to the numbered ports at the back of the router. The remaining port has to be connected on the PC. The second Ethernet port has to be connected to the router on the port which is labeled as ‘Internet’. Other end of this cable has to be connected to the modem. 

2. You have to open a web browser on you PC and have to type “” on the address bar and have to press the Enter Key of the Key board. 

3. Giving the User name and password – after getting the access on the typed web page a new dialogue box will be opened which will ask for a User name and Password. You have just keep the username box blank and have to type admin on the password box. If this one fails to lead you for further steps just type admin on both of the boxes. If the router is being configured with another password initially the default password will not be accepted by it. Then you have to reset the router. 

4. If this process works this will lead to you on next page on which there will be list of options such as router name, host name. No change is required at this stage. You have to click on the “Wireless Network Tab” to choose the unique SSID (a name of the wireless network). 

Cable Internet – Among different types of cables some are Comcast Internet, Cox cable Internet, Time Warner Cable direct, Chartered cable internet, Road runner etc. the users of Cable internet have to clone the MAC address of the PC. 

DSL Internet – Some DSL Internet are AT&T DSL Direct, BellSouth, AOL, Verizon Direct etc. the users of DSL internet have to change the net connection type to PPPoE and have to enter the exact username and password provided by the ISP to be connected to the PPPoE.