Resources To Help Maturing Parents

As your parents get older, just how can you be sure they’re successfully taking good care of themselves and remaining healthy? Workers of the Department of State can obtain guidance on how best to put their parents on orders throughout the Career Development and Assignments (CDA) office of the Agency of Human Resources. If not classified as such, aged parents use tourist passports and do not have diplomatic standing.


Travel to and from (with the exclusion of medical travel) is also available to all elderly parents designated as eligible relatives. Other factors to consider include setting up property accounts or combined bank and signing a durable power of attorney. A durable power of attorney is important because an average power of attorney is not valid in the event the principal becomes incapacitated.

A durable power of attorney is made to survive handicap or incompetence and is a significant alternative to guardianship, conservatorship, or trusteeship. Laws differ from state to state so it is vital that there be a durable power of attorney drawn up by an attorney licensed to practice in the state in which the client resides. Papers are filled with stories of families asking the courts to allow terminally sick relatives to be removed from life support systems. I really do not look at her as a mental patient but rather as my mother who is aging.

Power of Attorney – Ordinary powers of attorney allow a person (“the principal”) to give legal authority to another (“the agent”) to handle business or property transactions for the principal. The power of attorney could be general or restricted, to get an indefinite or definite period of time. So long as the principal remains capable s/ he may change or stop the power of attorney at any given moment.

Health Care Power of Attorney (also called a medical power of attorney or health care proxy) – This durable power of attorney is for health care (compared to financial) problems. Health care powers of attorney can be used by individuals who want life sustaining treatments continued as well as those who would like to forego such treatments. An increasing variety of states are enacting s tatutes that recognize healthcare powers of attorney and several states provide procedures and forms for creating the document.

FIVE WISHES is a planning tool and legal document in most U.S. states that joins the characteristics of a living will and a health care power of attorney. Failure to stay informed of day-to-day routines — such as tooth brushing, washing as well as other basic grooming — could suggest dementia, depression or physical disabilities. A home healthcare aide could help your parents with day-to-day activities including bathing and dressing.

There is a difference, however, between ordinary changes in memory and also the kindMemory loss associated with Alzheimer’s disease as well as other kinds of dementia. In the event you’re concerned about memory loss for either of your aging parents, schedule an assessment with all the physician. It may be time for you to stop driving, in case your aging parents become confused while driving or you are worried about their power to drive safely. Point out any possible security issues to your parents — then make a plan to address the dilemmas.

A dramatically distinct mood or perspective might be an indication of depression or other health concerns. In case your parents are not steady on their feet, they may be at risk of dropping — a significant source of disability among older adults. Understanding which you’re worried about their well-being might give your parents the motivation they want to visit a doctor or make other changes.