Reader Reviews : WEN Haircare Products

WEN Hair-care is just a procedure that cleanses and conditions the hair all previously. The sulfate-free method is nothing such as for instance a wash at all. No sulfates, no liquids, no severe substances, and no suds. Perhaps you have tried WEN? What did you believe? Did it meet your needs? Now you may study what other girls believed (and take a look at my own evaluation) of the merchandise before you buy, if you’re considering providing a decide to try to WEN.
Really dried my hair out after using it for around per month. My hair-dresser said ‘what’ve you been using? It’s destroying your own hair’! Actually Pantene conditioner was definitely better for me personally. Now I just use Ki…More
That is definitely the product I’ve ever employed on my hair, I’d not suggest it to anyone. It makes your hair large and makes it appear dirty 4 hours once you use it. Also, its very difficult to…More
Wen is better for curly, frizzy, insane hair’d women like myself. Even though I also use a deep-cleansing wash a few times per month, I do discover that my hair is aaahh-maaa-ziing when I frequently use this …More
If you should be likely to purchase the product just beware. Even if you do not need certainly to purchase it each month they’ll just deliver it to you and cost you without even allowing you say no. Not just do they charg…More
I was given WEN with a friend who was a change. I had been definitely ready to dislike it. I thought you’d to make use of waaaaay an excessive amount of solution and thought it was only a method for the organization to market more. As a…More
The merchandise is ok, I wasn’t very pleased with the outcomes. The largest reason that I’m very dissatisfied with this particular company is basically because I requested the test package and somehow it automatically signed…More
WEN, like the instyler hair care products aren’t the products to ever order for almost any hair. They’ve inadequate customer support, the merchandise return is horrible, whenever you request to talk to a supervisor, they transfer …More
The shampoo/conditioner is simply ok. It’d exactly the same frizz just like every other shampoos and conditioners when my hair dried. There’s nothing unique about that product. It’s perhaps not for every-day use, un…More
There are pros and cons for this item. In the beginning it significantly fixed my long hair that were ruined by swimming and summer sun. It creates a conditioner, but absolutely gives weight to you…More
The product is very good. It’s every thing they say… after one-use I saw and felt a huge difference. I had been suspicious in the beginning. The merchandise is extremely thick and my hair is thick, dried, and frizzy. After one use…More
I really like the product. Other products I’ve attempted that have given this much water to me has considered my hair down, which is an issue since I’ve thin hair as-is. But Wen hair-care place humidity int…More
I used WEN Sweet Almond Mint Cleansing Conditioner.After just one wash, I’m pretty unimpressed. What I like: Great ‘costly club’ odor. Magnificent frothy sense. No suds: no problem. Simple to spread a…More