JacVapour One Of The Best E-Cigs In The UK

When I was asked if I want to review something from JAC Vapour, I was not certain if they carried anything I would be interested in using or what to review. JAC Vapour is among these businesses which has attempted (and done well!) to keep updated with what products work best. Yes cigalikes, yes they sell 2nd Generation equipment is sold by them, and they’ve this, the Series E which appealed to my 3rd generation mech moddy head.

To best place just: It is a stout, fat 1000mah Varying Voltage EGo battery. As round, smaller than the heavy vaper’s EVOD battery and around twice at it mm with all the attractiveness band attached. Oh! I’m quite certain Kanger which is the reason they look like the Kanger EVODs makes the batteries. It is an important plus for me as being some of THE very best, since I trust Kanger merchandises. I haven’t seen these special batteries pop up on any other sellers web site however, so I’m assuming they’re made especially for JAC. Once I do I will find out at some stage and update this post.

As most of my readers understand, I’m into my mech mods at this point in my vaping journey. A time actually is n’t that I use controlled VW mods on a consistent basis or VV. Sometimes yes, but for the large part it is Kayfuns for me, drippers, and mech mods. It was the “mechy” appearance this mod bears that appealed to me. It is streamlined, little, as well as an ideal size for a Aerotank or a Protank 3 (which is what my kit came with).

Take a look at the following video for some amazing visuals of the Series-E. I will describe some of its own attributes following the vid!

1000mAh capacity battery.

While I’m into larger battery mods, 1000mAh is ideal for reasonable use and a higher ohm coil. Completely charged, I managed to go from about 9 in the morning to 6 in the evening with this particular battery. I’m also a hefty vaper. I’m always sucking my mod (no pun meant). I’m additionally on 6mg Nicotine so my demand to drag is down to my nicotine consumption not being high. I believe that someone can charge up over night and who does not vape as I do, will discover the battery will last (no pun intended) the whole day. Nevertheless, I’ll strongly urge getting the second battery with this particular kit. It’s worth the few extra GBP and it will see to it that the end user does not end up without a vape. (1st rule of Vaping, Have Back ups!)

A streamlined 78mm length, including attractiveness ring (68mm without).

It is a huge size, with or with no attractiveness ring. It fits in the palm of your own hand, it is so large you will misplace it or forget it is in your hand. The attractiveness ring lets you make use of the flat bottom 510 connection tanks. Take the attractiveness ring off and you’ll be able to use any EGO threaded clearo tank, or atty on it.

A spring loaded positive connector for increased contact will all tanks.

At minimum, flexible center pins or spring loaded, should be the standard in all cigarette at this point in the match. Spring loaded, nevertheless, is my taste. This permits a little wiggle room for those vapers who insist on over tightening EVERY MATTER they put on their batteries. (CEASE DOING THAT!) Over tightening can make lots of issues, breaking the connection seal, short pants, you name it. Finally, your material only will not work. Spring loaded connectors can help prevent that in addition to enable more threaded apparatus to be used (or shorter lined) since not ALL vape equipment is made the same!

Solid Stainless Steel assemble for improved durability.

I really like the stainless steel look on this particular battery along with any other vape equipment out there. It is a solid metal that only seems FINE.

Click button set variable voltage (3.7v, 4.2v and 4.8).

In addition to having the 5 pawl on/off characteristic, this kit is Varying Voltage. Which means you can vape at a lower volt for vape that is trendier, or kick it up to get it warmer. The 3 settings do not allow for much customization, but that a new vaper seeming to progress into higher ending 3rd Gen equipment or 2nd Gen, gets the feel for it.

What is included?

Determined by what kit all kits include the battery (or two!) charger, as well as a tough plastic case. There are 3 Series-E starter kits, one with a Protank 3 (which is what came with mine), a Aerotank, or a kit free of tank. The Aerotanks are equally as fine although I am partial to the Protank’s. I would like to talk a little about the instance however because it is really kind of trendy. As it is possible to observe from this picture:

It’s possible for you to fit tank and the battery, an additional battery in case you have one and a 10ml bottle of e-liquid. In the event you do not have the 2nd battery, the charger lead shops in its place. The case is a solid plastic in the event you chance to drop a bit of foam for shock absorbency that includes it. The case itself is coated in this light rubbery “material”. I do not understand the technical term, but it feels fine and is not quite slick in the hand. Everything is in the situation, it can readily fit into jeans pocket or your handbag. You can find the more detailed JacVapour review on best-e-cigarette.com.

Protank 3

What a great little entry level piece of clothing for anybody looking into tanks but need the simplicity of simply swapping a coil for a fresh one out. They are not complex, seem fine, carry a great quantity of e-liquid and they work. The P3 seems extremely fine in the Series E as well.

JAC Vapour additionally sent several leaflets out with the kit. The P3 came using a complete and comprehensive colour education pamphlet. The SeriesE directions are printed in the interior of the paper sleeve that encircles the plastic case. A full page leaflet that was printed was likewise comprised which contained additional directions in addition to general security advice. Huge thumbs up for their focus to JAC Vapour to details about security. This really is really something I consider to be essential to the survival of the business, sellers supplying the end user as possible with as much info, so thank you for being one of these sellers!


JAC Vapour E-Liquid

I was sent 3 bottles (1 is normal with the Series E kit though)

Lite — Actual Tobacco

– Actual Raspberry

– Toffee

This really is most likely where things will go down hill in my opinion for several reasons. I will begin with what I believe is the most serious.

The New Childproof Caps

I’m unsure JAC Vapour has been using these caps and I expect the did not purchase a bucket load of them. Return to the old PROCESSOR caps that are compliant. These abominations aren’t child evidence in almost any sense of the word. As members of ECITA, I’d presume that changes to packaging in this way would be a universal and tested thing before execution. Though it does says “PUSH AND TURN” on the very top of the clear part of the cap, I can pull with almost no pressure, turn, along with the complete two piece cap comes right away. I’ve poor hands weakened by carpal tunnel and with almost no effort I managed to distinguish the clear “childproof” cap from the reddish cap. The red part is not childproof with no section that is clear. As a parent and someone who advocates for child security in regards to e-liquid, these caps and I wouldn’t have passed as assembly kid evidence expectations. There are many other businesses that are starting to use these caps also, TJuice being one of them. These caps give your bottles a uniform appearance and might seem fine, but they aren’t quite childproof and I don’t enjoy them. I encourage ANY seller thinking of going to these caps, NOT TO and in the event that you happen to be employing them now, remove them.


I’m VG vaper that is high because I’m one of those vapers who can not stand high PG. High PG causes dry mouth and sore throat. It is a familiar criticism I’ve heard for a long time from vapers that is new and I think that it’s something that bigger firms like JAC need to consider. Increase the VG ratio to at least 40% and you are going to open your e- to a broader array of consumers. I managed to vape a few ml of every liquid as well as the flavour is astounding. Vaper generation is really on the low side for my liking due to the steep PG, before I could love the flavours, but the high PG took its toll on my throat and mouth. It’s really a pity as the Toffee e-liquid in particular was really pleasant.

Apart from these two problems with their presentation, the bottles come with labels and all of the required warnings. The bottles additionally contain batch amounts for merchandise tracking and are complete with a “use by” date.


The Series E is an excellent starter kit for anybody going into bigger sized tank kits and trying to find a longer battery life. JAC Vapour’s merchandise quality is astounding, but I do anticipate this from a ECITA member. Their attention to detail with regard to directions for use and general security ought to be the industry standard for all sellers, including those not registered with ECITA. I wouldn’t be afraid to advocate the SeriesE kit to beginner or new vapers who want to move up or simply need a bit more oomph in their vape. As for the e-liquid, in the event you do not have kids in the house, the caps shouldn’t discourage you from attempting the merchandise. In addition, in the event that you don’t possess a PG susceptibility, don’t let Vaper somewhat negative remarks keep you from attempting the e. While I mightn’t get on with a particular ratio and we all vape otherwise, you might.