How Do They Know How Much to Pay Out in Pain and Suffering Compensation

There are two ways in which to sue for compensation for damages. You can either sue to recover money for actual stuff that you’ve lost – money for medical treatment, a wrecked car or whatever – or you can sue for pain and suffering compensation. That’s when someone injures you for no fault of your own, and the situation forces you to go through all kinds of anxiety and worry.
Let’s say, for instance, you are in a car wreck that occurred through someone else’s fault. You’ve landed up in hospital, and the other person’s insurance company is paying for your medical treatment and for your car. But what about the fact that you have to sit in hospital in pain and how you’re worried about how you can’t be at home the help you wife and your children? Should someone not pay for the pain, suffering and anxiety that your going through?
That’s what pain and suffering compensation takes care of. with certain kinds of injury – especially burn injuries of the kind that you get in car accidents,  you could be in pain for years even after everything heals. 
If you can get experts to testify in court that you will go through pain for a long time, you could conceivably sue for pain and suffering compensation for all those years too.
How exactly do they calculate how much to give you? 
Right away, compensation for pain and suffering that you will endure in the future is much harder to come by. You can quite easily though, claim compensation for pain you’ve already been through and the pain and suffering that you’re experiencing right now.
The problem basically with pain and suffering compensation is that there’s no easy way to quantify how much your suffering is worth. It’s completely subjective. How do you quantify this and say that you have suffered enough to be justified in claiming £250,000?
Some people believe that the insurance company will look at how much money has been spent on your medical treatment, and give you five times that. That’s what people think happens. But that is actually only what they did 25 years ago. They don’t do it anymore.
Because medical treatment costs do not reflect how painful the treatment is. For instance, if there is a fracture in the foot and it takes a couple of simple operations to set together, it may subjectively not be simple for you. What if there is pain that never seems to quite go away even after everything’s healed – how do you ever compensate someone for that? Medical science doesn’t have a cure for everything. When there is nerve damage or burn damage, the pain can be forever. 
Instead, the insurance companies use sophisticated software that tends to look at large amounts of data for how much pain one usually suffers. Usually, in pounds, shillings and pence to be honest – its that simple, they come up with £60 for every day that you’ve suffered pain.
The author is a personal accident injury claim specialist based in Scotland. He has been providing a no win no fee service to his customers for over 25 years and, during that time has helped to settle thousands of compensation claim cases in his clients favour. Check out the website for more information.