Herbs and Herbal Remedies

For a large number of years, garcinia cambogia extract is employed to stimulate weight reduction, simplicity arthritis discomfort, and keep cholesterol under control. Find out more about the science behind this conventional Indian treatment, including findings that it might combat cancer.
The advantages of Mullein Long-used to calm the respiratory system, mullein might help fight off germs naturally and ease ear discomfort. Advantages of Rhodiola
Long-used to help your body fight stress of sorts, the Russian plant rhodiola may boost heart-health and also help simplicity depression.
A time-honored Native-american treatment, slick elm might help relieve the discomfort of particular stomach problems, sore throat, and heartburn.
Long-used within the conventional medication of India, the herb ashwagandha might help reduce arthritis and anxiety, in addition to assist in treating cancer and diabetes.
The advantages of Gotu Kola For a large number of years, herbalists in India and China purchased gotu kola to battle fatigue, relieve skin issues, and handle problems like asthma and sores. Today technology suggests that the herb may increase your feeling, help ease anxiety, and treat varicose veins.
Proven to improve the immune system and control irritation, elderberry might help you battle off the flu. Learn more about how this anti-viral, antioxidant-rich herb could increase your influenza protection.
Details about the Chinese herb horny goat weed.
Details about the plant tribulus. Polypodium Leucotomos What’s Polypodium leucotomos? Why do individuals use Polypodium leucotomos? What’re the negative effects and safety concerns?
Details about the plant tongkat ali.
Details about the plant damiana.
About.com Alternative Medicine, find out about its health advantages and the herb barberry.
About.com Alternative Medicine, find out about the herb balsam of its health advantages and peru.
About.com Alternative Medicine, find out about its health advantages and ashwaghandha.
About.com Alternative Medicine, find out about its health advantages and angelica.
About.com Alternative Medicine, find out about its health advantages and allspice.
Details about the plant yohimbe.
Find out about the herb althaea, known as marshmallow.
Details about the plant Wild Yam.
Details about the plant Dong Quai.
Details about the plant orange pier
Details about the plant vitex.
Learn about the Chinese herb fo-ti. What’s is and why do people utilize it?
Details about the plant eyebright.
Details about the plant cranesbill
Details about the plant Devil’s Claw.
Reality linen concerning the complement Cat’s Claw.
Reality linen about chickweed.
Reality linen concerning the complement lavender.
What should you learn about eleuthero, known as Siberian ginseng? What’re the unwanted effects and benefits? So how exactly does it match up against various types of ginseng, such as for instance Korean or panax ginseng?
Full of anti-oxidants, yucca might help ease irritation and tame arthritis pain.
A medical mushroom long-used in conventional Chinese medicine, lion’s hair might help preserve mind health, battle depression, and increase your protection against cancer.
What’s Magnolia Bark? A natural treatment utilized in conventional Chinese medicine, magnolia bark might help lessen anxiety and increase your mood. Butcher’s Brush for Chronic Venous Insufficiency
A plant believed to promote blood supply, butcher’s brush might help reduce some symptoms of chronic venous insufficiency (a health condition commonly associated with varicose veins).
Podophyllum might help treat warts and a typical complication of HIV, when put on your skin.
What’s caraway? What’re the advantages of caraway seeds? Get the low-down on this natural food, believed to help with stomach flatulence.
What’s saffron extract? Get the low-down with this product.
An exotic plant believed to maintain blood sugar levels under control, ivy gourd shows promise as an all natural treatment for diabetes.
Named ‘nature’s pharmacy,’ the neem tree is definitely employed for recovery in traditional Indian medicine. Get the low-down with this popular natural remedy.
Laden with anti-oxidants, strawberry extract might help protect you from heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, and cancer. What’s Garcinia Cambogia?
Have the information on garcinia cambogia, an all natural remedy believed to accelerate weight reduction and control hunger.
A natural treatment full of anti-oxidants, banaba might help keep blood sugar levels in balance and get a handle on diabetes.
Get the low-down on chaga, a mushroom frequently recommended for cancer prevention. What’s Wild Cherry Bark? Obtain the technology behind this common cough cure, as cool season sets in.
What’s Olive Leaf Extract? An all natural remedy full of anti-oxidants, olive leaf extract shows promise for maintaining your blood pressure under control.
Long-used being an natural treatment for tension, lemon balm might help battle off chilly sores and ease the results of Alzheimer’s illness.
Indigenous to the jungles of Central and South America, pau d’arco is believed to rev up the immunity system and end cancer. Obtain the technology behind this plant.
Learn about cha de bugre, a remedy believed to assist you to reduce weight. What’s White Willow Bark? What’s white willow bark? Why do people utilize it? Learn more about that herbal remedy, believed to help ease pain.
What’s Larch Arabinogalactan? A fiber-substance acquired from larch woods, larch arabinogalactan might help rev up your immune response. What’s Black Pine?