Glass Lamp Shades

Are you interested to add some light and sparkle into a room? If you really want that then why not think about replacing the shades you have at present with ones made from glass. As you will soon discover there are many types of shapes, sizes and colors of glass lamp shades for you to select from. You can visit to see various glass lamp shades.
So it can be like a challenge to find the right lamp shade for your home because of the large arrange and varieties of styles, colors and sizes that they come in. So here are some tips that could aid you to pick the right ones when you decide to replace the lamp shades you have currently.
First off all think carefully about how you are going to use the lamp. For example if you are going to use it for reading by then you must be sure that the shade is wide enough to allow ample amount of light to be diffused over the area where you intend to sit and read.
After you decide on how the lamp is to be used then the next thing is to take into consideration to choose the right and appropriate shade. For this you need to do proper shopping for luxury stuff, so that you can explore best lamp shade. You must select a shade that either helps to complement the rest of the room’s decor or will make it in to a focal point.


Another vital factor to be considered is when purchasing any type of lamp shades is the size of bulbs that will be fit in them. If you want to install high wattage bulbs in the light make sure that the opening at the top is wide. This will aid to ensure that heat formed when the light is turned on is capable to escape.
When it comes to buy glass lamp shades then it is quite important that you match them with the lamps base. For lamps with large bases you will therefore require a large size shade. Though if your lamp base is antique looking then again select an antique style shade to complement it. What you want to do is selecting a shade that compliments rather than competes with the base and the rest of the room’s decor.
Finally you should make sure that the lamp shade is not only the right height but it is also the right width for the lamp base so that the light socket and switch are properly covered. If this is proving quite difficult then it may mean having to putting in a different size harp. Both of these can help to increase the shade up. If you want to date your spouse, you can add some extra mood in to by romantic lamp shades. Ideally the height of the shade you select must measure around 3/4 the length of the base. So if the lamp base measures 21 inches in height then the shade must measure 14 inches. As for the shade width then this must be exactly the same length as the lamp base from where it stands on the floor.

Shopping for something when you don’t know what you basically want can be a big hassle, especially if you have to go through the complete process of returning it. Therefore, I personally recommend you to spend your time looking through the different designs and styles until you have found what you are searching for. Once you know what you want, then you can enjoy the complete process of choosing and discovering the glass lamp shades that are appropriate for you.