Data Recovery in the UK

What’s the way of finding the very best data recovery service? Well, a lot depends on what you actually consider the word ‘best’ to mean. Also are you sure that data recovery services are what you want? Perhaps, more accurately you require hard drive repair instead? This article discusses what options are available to you.

Data recovery services are provided by both amateurs and professional data recovery specialists. In the UK probably the best know hard disk recovery specialists are Data Clinic Ltd, see who provide data recovery services in London and throughout the UK. Other competitors to Data Clinic exist too and typing a phrase like ‘hard disk recovery’ into a search engine should bring up a list of most of them.

There are many types of data recovery companies in the UK, some are experts in Apple equipment, catering specifically for the likes of Mac users, while others are more PC centric – having the ability to repair most problems as well as restoring files and folders that have been lost or deleted.

But London is often too far for many people to travel to so recently a lot of business have started providing local data recovery services. These are particularly concentrated around the areas of Belfast, Cardiff, Nottingham, Aberdeen and Manchester. These local companies are often at an advantage as they can offer a much speedier response than a London based company, though their prices are often more expensive. It’s a trade off between how quickly a local repair company can provide you with your data back and a cheaper city centre eg. London based service.