Choices of Material for Your Fence Idea

As wood is known to us from the ancient time, it first comes into mind when people think about fences. And wrought iron and chain link fences are also familiar to all of us. Still many other materials are there and we need to know more about them. Among them wood, ornamental metal, plywood, wire, vinyl, bamboo, chain link, glass and plastic panels are some.
 Wood Type

An attractive milieu for planting beds is a wooden fence design that also has a very natural warm feeling. Adding ornamental finials to the posts will make your wooden fence idea great look more formal. You will also enjoy a cottage or traditional American feel by choosing picket fences. For having a country or rustic looks obviously rail fences are a great choice. 

In these fence design tips, there is some concern regarding insects, decay of wood. Cedar, Redwood and cypress have the resistance against insects decay and. Pine, spruce, hemlock and fir are kind of soft woods that are required to be pressure-treated for being decay resistant. Regardless of climate, pressure-treated lumber generally lasts 40 years and it is also less pricey than the naturally decay-resistant species. 

Plywood Type

Using plywood you can achieve a crisp architectural look you desire. Plywood fences take a lot of wear and tear from the elements. The thicker the plywood the greater its strength is. 

Ornamental Metal Type

For high security settings and the place where heavy wear and tear is consideration, wrought iron is an ideal choice. It is also appropriate when more aged look is expected or for historic district homes. Wrought iron is good to reproduce antique designs. Aluminum has the look of wrought iron. It is virtually maintenance-free and also very strong, although lighter in weight. It is inexpensive to make repair and is easy to install on sloped landscape. Various baked-on paint colors are available for it. 

Prefabricated fence sections are usually made of tubular steel. Also they are better choice for pool fences installation. Although black is the most frequent paint color you can use another color to paint by using a rust-resistant paint in spray cans. 

Vinyl Type

There are several designs that imitate traditional post and rail fencing, wood fencing or ornamental metal fencing can be made of vinyl. But you should not expect to achieve the same warmth as the real thing.

A 20-year of lifetime warranty is offered by most of the manufacturers, but you need to make always sure that you have chosen a reputable producer that will be in business for a while. 

Wire Type

To have an open and beautiful fence especially with vines flowering on it, welded and woven mesh can be attached to a wood framework. This type of fence install is the least expensive. 

Chain Link Type
 Several colors can be applied to vinyl-coated chain-link fence that is helpful to relieve the stark metallic look. Black or green have the preference as these colors blend in well with the backdrop.

Bamboo Type

These fences designs are usually inexpensive, quick and easy to install.